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LTC ADV Application
MACP Proforma

Monday, 28 March 2011


1.                  Name of applicant : _____________________________________________
(In Block Letters)
2.                  Designation / Br. To which attached ________________________________
3.                  Present Basic Pay : _____________________________________________
4.                  Name of festival for which the advance is required _____________________
5.                  Amount of the advance required ___________________________________
6.                  No of instalments in which the advance is proposed to be repaid and amount of each instalment : _______________________________________________
7.                  Whether any advance was taken before on the occasion of some other festival during the current calendar year, if so please state : _____________________
a.      Amount of the festival for which whether it has been recovered in full: _________________________________
b.      Name of the festival for which the advance was taken _________________
c.      Date of payment of previous advance ______________________________
d.      Amount of the balance of payment of advance, if any : _________________
8.                  Whether the applicant is permanent / Q.P./ Temporary : ___________________
9.                  If temporary, whether has attached the surety bond from permanent officer along with the application _______________________________________________

Signature of the Applicant



(For drawal of Festival Advance)
KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I _________________________  s/o Shri__________________________________________ resident of ____________________________________________________________ and working in Central Excise, Siliguri Division(hereinafter referred to as "Government" which term shall include its successors and assigns) as________________ at ___________________ in regular capacity (hereinafter called "the Surety" which expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the subject or context include my heirs, executors, administrators and representatives) solemnly by these presents, affirm that I am standing surety for a sum of Rs._____________ (Rupees ________________________________only) to be paid to the Government.
Dated this__________day of ______________two thousand and _____________.
Whereas ____________________son of _________________________resident of________________________working as __________at__________________ as a temporary (Adhoc/Contract) employee (hereinafter called the Borrower") applied to the Government for an amount of Rs. ___________ (Rupees__________________________only) for the purpose of Festival Advance.
AND WHEREAS the Government sanctioned the payment of Rs.________ (Rupees__________________________________only) under the Rules framed by the Government for the grant of Festival Advance to Government employees.
AND WHEREAS the Borrower has undertaken to repay the said amount in ______ monthly instalments.
AND WHEREAS the Borrower has further undertaken to recovery/adjustment of the said amount against settlement dues payable to him in the event of resignation/retirement/termination of service and to observe the provisions of said Rules.
AND WHEREAS in consideration of the Government having agreed to grant the aforesaid advance to the Borrower the Surety has agreed to execute the above bond with such condition as hereunder is written.

NOW THE CONDITION OF THE OBLIGATION is such that if the said Borrower shall while employed in the said office__________ duly and regularly pay or cause to be paid to the Government instalments for the amount of aforesaid advance owing to the Government until the said sum of Rs.___________ (Rupees___________________________only) shall be/duly paid, then this bond shall be void, otherwise the same shall be and remain in full force provided that if the Borrower shall die or become insolvent or any time ceases to be in the service of the Government, the whole or so much of the said principal sum of Rs.______________ (Rupees________________________only) together  with the interest as shall then remain unpaid shall immediately become due and payable to the Government and recoverable from the Surety in the instalment by virtue of this bond.

The obligation undertaken by the Surety shall not be discharged or in any way affected by an extension of time or any other indulgence granted by the Government to the said Borrower.

(Signature of Surety)
Designation ____________________
Office to which attached________________________

In the presence of:-
Ist witness
Name (In CAPITAL letters)__________________

2nd witness
Name (In CAPITAL letters)__________________

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